Ellie and Starlight’s Christmas Adventure Review.

Review by Gill Martin, Travel Writer.

If Starlight the Polar Bear looks familiar it could be that you saw him switching on the Christmas lights in Hampton Hill a little while ago.

Now he’s off on a new mission with his best friend Ellie at the town’s theatre.

The plucky pair embark on an adventure that will enchant children from three to eight and, of course, their families taking a welcome break from manic shopping for sprouts and brandy butter.

It’s a 45 minute respite and a welcome run up to Christmas Eve, set against a midnight blue starlit sky, snowy landscape and the eerie spectacle of the Aurora Borealis.. Perfect escapism.

There’s a nod to climate change as Ellie, forced to flee her drowning village, must find Father Christmas at the North Pole by December 24 to tell him where he can deliver presents to all the other villagers in their new homes.

Starlight the Polar Bear

Starlight, a very rotund bear who admits a lockdown weight gain, raises plenty of laughs as he and Ellie battle bitter winds, scary night witches and icy mountains.

There’s jolly audience participation with much clapping, stamping, jumping and waving.

It’s a fun and festive show with endearing characters, as heart-warming as a hot toddy.

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