Dramacube Student & His Brother Inspire New Book!

Tommy Cockle and the Portal to Lava and Ice


In December 2017, Eddie Collman published Tommy Cockle and the Portal to Lava and Ice, a fantastic adventure story.

“Tom and Sid leapt through the Portal door, light flashed, thunder clapped, and before they knew it they were hurtling down a magma slide into a magical new world.  Follow in the footsteps of these two best friends on their amazing, supersonic, cranbabulous adventures together on a journey filled with intrigue, mystery and innocence!”

However this book is very special for two reasons.

Firstly, £1 from every sale goes to the charity Child Bereavement UK.  But what is really special about this book is the inspiration behind it.  Dramacube student Adam Collman and his brother Sam inspired the story.  You can grab a copy of this brilliant book and at the same time, help Child Bereavement UK by ordering on-line.

Many congratulations to Adam, Sam and Eddie for this amazing achievement.