Dramacube Hampton Goes Green

Dramacube Supports Hampton Green Space

Next Month Dramacube Hampton Goes Green!

One of our Decade of Dramacube Green Pledges is to work with local schools to develop gardens and green spaces-so this month Dramacube Hampton Goes Green!  Green spaces have a fundamental impact on child development, learning and wellbeing.
So, we have made a commitment to Hampton Hill Junior School to help with their Dig Day and are donating £100 towards the cost of plants as well as getting involved on the day itself.
We would love as many Dramacube students and parents as possible to be part of the Dig Day.
Can you spare an hour or more? Dig Day is on Sunday 16th October from 2pm-5pm.

To celebrate Dig Day, we decided to explore how you can use nature as a fun and inspiring teaching tool for young children.

Dramacube Supports Hampton Green Space

Having Fun with Nature!

Early Learning

Nature provides us with all the necessary tools to teach numbers, colours and sounds.  What can be more fun than counting conkers, finding different coloured leaves and carrying out a phonics treasure hunt out in the open?   The natural and varied environment will also lead to the introduction of early years vocabulary such as high and low, up and down, bigger versus smaller, etc.

Sports & Physical Development

All that fabulous hopping, jumping, and climbing will encourage core balance and confidence in children.  Having access to a safe green space also inspires children to cycle, skate, hula hoop and play ball games.

Dramacube Supports Hampton Green Space

A Magnificent Playground!

Life Cycles

Green spaces give children the chance to observe life cycles in real life.  Tadpoles, ducklings, and caterpillars will inspire interesting discussions about life, death, birth and change.

Seasons, Weather & Animals in their Natural Habitat

Children will also get the chance to understand and observe the changes in seasons and our wonderful weather patterns- whilst making the most of those endless sunny days and muddy puddles.  By witnessing animals and insects in their natural habitat, children will develop new vocabulary but also a love of the natural world.

If you would like to find out more about how Dramacube Hampton Goes Green, please click here.

Sarah Watson-Dramacube