Dramacube Celebrates Competiton Entries & Winners

Dramacube Celebrates Competition Entries & Winners

This week Dramacube celebrates competition entries & winners!….


As part of our Green Pledge, we have been working with Richmond Council to fund a Dramacube flower planter on Hampton Hill High Street.

It will be filled with flowers on the inside….and we’ll put your poem – on a plaque – on the outside!

Brains Buzzzing!Dramacube Celebrates Competiton Entries & Winners

To coincide with The Big Green Week running 10th – 18th June we ran a poetry competition for 7-14 yr olds to write a short poem to highlight the importance of wildflowers in the areas we live.

Blooming Fantastic Entries!

There are so many talented young poets in our local area! The poems were “blooming” fantastic and it was difficult for our judges to pick the winning entries.      Click here to read them!

Congratulations to the following young poets:

Winner – Georgia R (aged 12)

Runner ups – Esha N (aged  and Jamie B (aged 14)

Your brilliance was bountiful- a selection of the best quotes from all of our entries, capturing…

Your Love for the Beauty of Nature…

“Everywhere the eye goes on the forest floor, Like a colourful kite makes my heart soar!” (Runner Up, Esha N, aged 7)

“Floral fills my heart, when life is falling down, When all is gone, nature is always found.” (Winner, Georgia R, aged 12)

“For wildflowers make beautiful colour, Without them things would be so much duller. (Annabel H, aged 9)

The Insects Toiling….Dramacube Celebrates Competiton Entries & Winners

“Bees and butterflies seek for nectar amongst the flower’s petals, And fly between the blades of grass and nettles. (Runner up, Jamie B, aged 14)

“Forlorn bees toiling vivaciously, Flamboyant butterflies foraging food.” (Nicholas W, aged 12)

Our Need to Protect the Planet….

“Please help us to protect the wildflowers, It will be better for the planet which is ours.” (Emily S, aged 9)

On luscious petals and leaves, the animals feed, Advancing modern medicine, that people need.” (Sahara Grace K, aged 8)

“..flowers, They give us superpowers, They supply us joy all the hours.” (Ryan, Year 7)

“Look after us and all that we do, We are helping the ecosystem and so should you. (Sreya K, aged 9)

“Growth, grass, green, Fauna, flora, flowers, New life.” (Sophie B, aged 10)

Dramacube Celebrates Competiton Entries & WinnersThe importance of our Green Pledge….

“This planter and the things it will grow, Will show new life and all that it brings.” (Emme B, aged 10)

“Go up Hampton Hill, Where the plants grow there still, Lined row by row, Up where the wildflowers grow.” (Lyla T-S, aged 10)

“We will plant more flowers in the street, So the bees are not close to defeat.” (Zoe B, aged 11)

Templeton Place Event – 9th Sept

On the 9th Sept, Richmond Council will be hosting a special event to celebrate the redevelopment of Templeton Place. This will include an unveiling of the poem plaque, poem readings and displays plus performances from Dramacube! More details coming soon!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube