Drama movement & music for 4-5yr olds

drama movement & music 4-7yr olds

What are the benefits of drama, movement & music for 4-5yr olds?

Socialdrama music & movement 4-7yr olds

Drama is fantastic for the development of social skills.  This is because when children act out scenes with their peers, they must work as a team.  Such an experience demands fundamental skills such as turn-taking and negotiation which can lead to feeling empathy towards others.


Taking part in a play can have a profound effect on a child’s educational ability.  Speaking and listening are obviously put into practise throughout the process and each child is encouraged to memorise their part and focus on the task at hand.  Both skills are critical to learning.  Also, children can focus on something alongside school which provides a positive outlet and distraction for those tricky times when school may be a challenge.


At our drama, movement & music classes, our little performers rarely stop for a second.  Between the game playing, role-playing and dance routines, the children are constantly on the move, ridding their bodies of excess energy and keeping them fit!

drama music movement 4-7yr oldsEmotional

Drama is also great for improving emotional intelligence. By acting out different emotional responses, in a safe environment, children learn about acceptable behaviour and how to overcome problems with positive communication.


The sense of belonging can have a positive effect on a child’s identity.  Besides participating in a sociable activity, working on a scene or dance and following it through to the final presentation, gives children a feeling of accomplishment. Having positive interaction with peers can help children to develop in so many ways whilst working collaboratively towards a creative presentation, gives children the chance to be heard and to do something that school curriculums no longer allow for.


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Sarah Watson- Dramacube.