Drama for kids in Walton and Twickenham!

Drama for Twickenham, Hampton Hill, Walton Kids!

As you know, Dramacube is seriously busy providing outstanding drama for kids in Walton and Twickenham.  It would seem however, thanks to St Valentine, that everyone else has been busy buying chocolates, and writing smoochy cards for each other!  With that in mind, let’s explore representations of love on stage.

Love of Family: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie clearly has bucketloads of love- pardon the pun- for his family in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Wonka.  Charlie is respectful and shows gratitude to his partially-bedridden family, despite their life of poverty.  Charlie also expresses love by sharing his solitary annual chocolate bar and by the care he takes with Grandpa Joe in the chocolate factory.

Love of Chosen Family: Matilda

In Matilda, our protagonist knows how a family should feel and behave and that the Wormwoods are failing on every count.  This concept is echoed by Miss Honey’s childhood experiences with Miss Trunchball. Fortunately, their abusive experiences are gradually soothed by the love they find with each other, proving that a chosen family can be more successful and fulfilling than one inherited through birth.

Love of Nature: Tidy

With love in the air this month, badger is currently indulging his love of tidiness on stage at the Polka Theatre Wimbledon.  Badger likes the animals and trees to look neat and pristine- as we all do- but will he go too far?  Based on the bestselling book, Tidy by Emily Gravett, this play highlights the untamed perfection of animal habitats and the need for them to be protected and loved.

If you would love to see Matilda, Charlie or Wonka, please click here!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube