Drama for Confidence-Middlesex & Elmbridge

Drama for Confidence

Drama for Confidence-Middlesex & ElmbridgeDrama for Confidence-Middlesex & Elmbridge: Drama has always been an effective means of building confidence in children and it was one of the main reasons Stephen Leslie set up Dramacube across the Middlesex and Elmbridge areas.  This week, Steve was spreading the word via an interview on Brooklands Radio where he discussed the essential foundations of successful drama and the positive impact it has on children and teenagers.

How to Make Drama Work

drama for confidence- Middlesex & Elmbridge

Setting the Environment


Setting the right environment is everything in drama- children need to feel comfortable in order to improvise, perform and be creative.  A culture of positivity and respect provides a foundation on which children will have the confidence to make mistakes but always give their best.  Providing a safe and creative space for children to express themselves freely enables children to flourish and can have a lifelong impact on their social and emotional development.

Why Drama Works

Drama is popular because it creates a platform where children can work as a team and feel included.  Each child’s input is essential on stage (or behind the scenes) no matter how big or small.  Individuals will also be on their very own journey, shaped by their ambitions, experience and confidence.

Drama for Confidence- Middlesex & Elmbridge

The Feeling of Achievement


Confidence is also garnered by the sense of accomplishment and achievement the players will have by the end of the show or project.  Committing to something, working hard at it, and finally seeing all that hard work pay off, teaches young people essential skills for life.

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