Drama Classes for 4-7yrs-New Beginnings

drama classes for 4-7yrs

Our drama classes for 4-7yrs have now kicked off in the TW area. The children are being inspired by popular Disney stories such as Frozen & Encanto.

This got me thinking about new beginnings and stages in a child’s life. Children obviously have a lot of change to deal with throughout a short period of time, as they move from home life to nursery and then on to Primary School.  Changes may also come in the form of new clubs, changing circumstances at home and new friendship groups.  So how can we help to make these transitions run smoothly and provide a buffer for when they don’t?

Helping your child with change


drama classes for 4-7yrs

Erase the Worries

This is fundamental to helping children cope.  Be as open and honest as possible about what is happening.  Make sure the child feels free to voice any concerns and then work through them together- often they will be ungrounded.


This will provide a helpful tool as it becomes part of the process of acceptance.  The more prepared a child feels, the more confident they will be.  Schools are brilliant at transitioning pupils and this often involves sending photos of their new classroom and discussing what a typical day will be like.  If you can be organised, this will also help to make them feel secure.

drama classes for 4-7yrs

Mimicking the Adult


Children are smart- they know when something is different or something bad has happened but they will mimic your reaction to big life events so be as positive as possible.  If you crumble, or shout, so will they!  Children need to witness realistic emotional responses, but it’s important to be aware of the impact this may have if it is dominant or ongoing.


Try to keep everything else as normal as possible.  Most children respond well to routines so maintain these if you can.

Read Books

drama classes for 4-7yrs

Mog helps Children with Loss

Libraries and book shops have a wealth of books about life transitions for children.  When my Daughter’s Grandfather passed away, I took her to the library to read Goodbye Mog by Judith Kerr– surprisingly she walked straight over to that book and chose it out of all the books there! The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside is also helpful.

Do Drama- New Drama Classes for 4-7yrs!

Drama is amazing on so many levels- it is social, academic, and creative.  It can help children with their communication, emotional responses, and a sense of belonging.  By giving children an outlet like a drama club, if they do struggle a little at school, a positive drama class will give them a place to shine and be happy!

If your child would like to join our drama classes please click here!

Sarah Watson-Dramacube