Drama Classes for 4-7yrs in Hampton Hill

Drama Classes for 4-7yrs in Hampton Hill

Our drama classes for 4-7yrs in Hampton Hill are well under way.  This term we have DRAMA, MOVEMENT & MUSIC CLASSES for 4-5yr olds who will be swashbuckling with Peter Pan, whilst our 6-7yr olds will be spellbound by the power of Matilda’s mind in our ACTING, SINGING & DANCE CLASSES.

With Father’s Day fast-approaching let’s take a look at the role of fatherhood in our latest thrilling themes!

Drama Classes for 4-7yrs in Hampton Hill

Captain Hook

Mr Darling/ Captain Hook in Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie/Disney)

The role of the male in Peter Pan is an interesting one.  Mr Darling’s role as the father is undermined from the outset because his actions enable the children to escape or be lost. His demeanour is strict and ruthless as he separates his children from the main caregiver, Nana.

The anger of Mr Darling is echoed by the villainy of Captain Hook who has childish outbursts and murderous intentions.  Reading between the lines it would appear the author, J.M. Barrie, was suggesting that the stereotype of the powerful Victorian male was in fact false and that it was the gentle strength of the matriarch (Nana, Wendy, Tinkerbell) that kept the family safe.

Mr Wormwood in Matilda (Roald Dahl/Sony Pictures)

Drama Classes for 4-7yrs in Hampton Hill

Mr Wormwood

Mr Wormwood is Dahl’s homage to a Shakespearean fool. Wormwood’s success at work is based on a dirty trail of lies and deceit, whilst his efforts at home reek of neglect and bullying. As the archetypal fool, he thinks he knows it all, yet doesn’t know a thing.  In his blissful ignorance, Wormwood expects his children to view him as a role model, so he is thoroughly disappointed by his intelligent, book-worm of a daughter, Matilda.  His kindest moment comes at the end of the story when he allows Matilda to stay behind with Miss Honey, as he sputters off into a smog-filled sunset.

If you would like your little maggots to fly high, check out our Drama Classes for 4-7yrs in Hampton Hill.

Sarah Watson- Dramacube