Children’s Mental Health Week

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The Importance of Performing Arts

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week (7-13 February 2022). The theme is Growing Together which encourages children and adults to think about how they have grown.  So, let’s have a think about how being part of Dramacube can help you to grow.

Focus & Thinking Skills

Participating in a performing arts club is really good for your brain.  For example, our youth theatre group have to focus really hard to remember stage directions or lines from their scripts.  During Drama, Movement and Music classes, our 4-6 year olds have to think on their feet when improvising and retelling stories.   When children are inspired and happy, their brains function at a higher rate.

Positive Growth

Social Skills

Children make lots of friends at Dramacube.  After a long time spent at home, being back amongst peers is really important for social development.   Varying ages also means that pupils can enjoy mixing with younger or older children in a safe, secure environment.  The sense of belonging is very important to all of us.  Spending time with like-minded individuals enables us to grow and flourish.


Showing commitment to something is a life skill.  Signing up to participate in a musical theatre production demonstrates great commitment as you will devote time, energy and enthusiasm to the show.  Seeing it through from the early days of casting to the final curtain is a journey worth taking.

Speaking and listening

At Dramacube we reinforce basic manners.  Taking turns to speak and listening to others is fundamental to our group setting but also helps pupils to concentrate at school .  Processing instructions from the Director is a large part of performing on stage whilst having the courage to add your own ideas develops confidence.

Team Work

This is something that has recently been in short supply so it’s important for children to experience a team setting once again.  Working collaboratively towards a common goal demands compromise which is a great skill to conquer.  Team work also highlights the importance of  individual input- no matter how big or small- and teaches children trust and cooperation.

Developing Confidence


Participating in a class or show really helps to develop confidence in a child.  The sense of belonging, of reaching individual and collective goals, of creating something positive, has a major impact on how a child feels about themselves and the world around them.  If you can perform in front of your peers and adults alike, what else could you possibly be scared of?

Performance Skills

Perhaps the most obvious- children are able to sing, dance, move and act at a level which suits them.  With encouragement and input from Performing Arts specialists, pupils will improve and develop these skills over time.

Sarah Watson- Dramacube