Charlie & the Chocolate Factory comes to Twickenham!

Charlie and the Chocolate factory comes to Twickenham!

This Easter, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory comes to Twickenham thanks to Dramacube!

The auditions turned out perfectly, roles were dished out and now our Youth Group are having a sweet time cooking up scenes and putting the icing on dance routines!  Local kids and audiences alike are getting a double dose of Dahl’s brilliance this Spring as our Youth Group are focussing on Charlie and our Easter Holiday Musical Theatre Workshops are inspired by the recent cinematic wonder of Wonka! So it only seems right to take a peek beyond the factory gates and learn a little about the history of this story.

Fun Facts about Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka!

As a boy, Dahl was a taster for Cadbury and fantasized about working in a chocolate inventing room, an idea that came back to him when he began writing his second children’s book.

The Oompa-Loompas were originally named Whipple Scrumpets but it was too much of a mouthful-Charlie and the chocolate factory comes to Twickenham! pardon the pun!

The Director of Wonka said he gained about 50 pounds from all the chocolate he recently ate on set and blames this on an incredible chocolatier!

Wonka pays homage to the 1971 version of the film via musical cues and Timothee Chalamet’s performance of Pure Imagination. Magically Wonka drops a coin down a storm drain which is discovered by Charlie in 1971!

In the 1971 Gene Wilder film, the chocolate river was anything but, including coffee dregs! It was very shallow and nobody wanted to fall into it! Despite our love for this classic film, Dahl despised it and thought it overly sentimental & pretentious!

Charlie and the Chocolate factory comes to Twickenham!I Spy! In both book and film, Willy Wonka is worried about spies coming to steal his secret recipes. This was a real problem in the 1920s! Rival chocolate companies sent out spies to each other. During Roald Dahl’s childhood there was a bitter rivalry between British confectionary companies Cadbury and Rowntree’s.

Tickets are now available for our deliciously scrumptious show! If you would like to dive into a world of pure imagination…click here!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube