We are always looking to build upon and improve the experience of our young performers.
We hold regular informal conversations with Dramacube families to gain feedback and this has proved invaluable in helping us to maintain high standards over the past twelve years.
Our aim is for students to be challenged, stretched and fulfilled during every project but above all else we want them to have fun and develop as young people.  We want them to feel like they are playing their part in something very special and to be proud of their achievements.
Fulfilling our aim has become increasingly challenging as many of the shows our students want to perform have a small number of named parts which means more students are cast in ensemble roles.
For this reason, we have made the decision to change the way we rehearse and perform and have outlined the new structure below which will be implemented from the autumn term.
Changing the way we rehearse & perform
A and B Casts
We’ve piloted A & B casts successfully with some groups and will now be rolling this out across all of casts.  This means EVERYONE will have a named part with lines as well as songs and routines to learn, thus ensuring ALL CAST MEMBERS will be fully involved throughout.
How will this work?
If a show has 15 named parts each group will be capped at 30 and split into A & B casts.  In the first performance the A cast will play the named roles and the B cast will play the ensemble featuring in all songs, routines and crowd scenes.  For the second performance this will be reversed.
Benefits to our students
Students will:
  • Be even more involved in the production
  • Have more opportunity to develop their skills as a performer
  • Enjoy more of a challenge in each production
  • Gain confidence from playing a bigger role
  • Work in a smaller group with one dedicated director
  • Be busy learning ensemble numbers when not working on featured role
  • Have the opportunity to work on character related exercises between scenes
  • Benefit from more available roles, featured stage time and extra rehearsals
  • Have more rehearsal locations to choose from
A & B casts will continue to rehearse at the same venue at the same time and will mix during games, snack break and when running the show so that sense of comraderie and teamwork will remain strong.
‘It takes an ensemble to make a show, everyone’s part is important’ Moana Jr. script
When piloting this idea, we’ve also seen wonderful friendships develop when two students are sharing a part, each supporting the other in line-learning and character development which we see as another added benefit.
We firmly believe this move will make for a fairer and even more enjoyable experience for all students and we look forward to seeing our talented young performers flourish and blossom working this way.
Dramacube’s next production will be Disney’s Beauty & The Beast. Find out more about joining our casts for the Autumn term here.