Celebrating Disney in Hampton Hill

Celebrating Disney in Hampton Hill

To mark the 100 year anniversary, Dramacube are celebrating Disney in Hampton Hill by taking a nostalgic trip back through the years to revisit some of our very own Disney productions!

Celebrating Disney in Hampton HillHigh School musical 2

It was July 2016 when Dramacube decided to shake things up a bit with the less conventional High School Musical 2.  It was our only show to be performed at two theatres, with audiences enjoying performances at Epsom Playhouse and St Mary’s University Theatre. This modern choice drew in a whole new crowd and convinced the kids that it was cool at the Cube!

Peter Pan JrCelebrating Disney in Hampton Hill

In April 2017 Hampton Hill Theatre was suddenly besieged by a swarm of swashbuckling pirates and Lost Boys! With so much action and adventure, this made for an epic show which we attempted to stage again in March 2020 but the rights had unfortunately been withdrawn! Never smile at a crocodile!

Celebrating Disney in Hampton hillAlice in Wonderland Jr

In March 2018 we took our first trip down the rabbit hole and ended up at The Watermans Arts Centre in Brentford.  Luckily, as Alice shrank, our casts continued to grow in number and only White rabbit was late to the show!

Aladdin JrCelebrating Disney in Hampton Hill

At Hampton Hill Theatre, in March 2019, we staged one of our all-time favourite musical theatre shows and it propelled young Jack Reynolds to the West End stage!

If you would also like to celebrate Disney, check out our tickets for our performance of Disney’s The Little Mermaid at Hampton Hill Theatre or Annie Jr, showing at The Cecil Hepworth Playhouse in Walton!


Sarah Watson – Dramacube

Credit: Disney