Buy Mother’s Day Theatre Tickets (Walton/Hampton Hill)

Buy Mother’s Day Theatre Tickets (Walton/Hampton Hill)

Buy Mother’s Day Theatre Tickets (Walton/Hampton Hill) here and read on to learn about the rich variety of maternal figures on stage.

Buy Mother’s Day Theatre Tickets (Walton/Hampton Hill)

Looking Good for her Man!

Zinnia Wormwood- Matilda

Mrs Wormwood enters stage left with a waft of cheap perfume and the clicking of stilettos.  A rather shallow character who values wealth and appearance- somewhat misguided-above education and individuality.  Although tough and ruthless, she only shows light villainous tendencies and the end of the show portrays a touch of regret about her failure to understand her only daughter.

Miss Honey- Matilda

Proof that beauty can grow in the most challenging of circumstances, Miss Honey provides hope for our heroine, Matilda and for the audience.  A caricature of the perfect teacher and mother all rolled into one.   Miss Honey reminds us all to reach for the stars and fight for what we want.

Nancy- Oliver Jr

Despite her criminality, Nancy instantly warms to Oliver and sees promise is in his good manners and innocent character.  Flawed by a lawless upbringing and doomed future, Nancy is temporarily misguided by her loyalty to her violent boyfriend.  However her natural instinct, to be good, finally wins the battle and she sacrifices herself to give Oliver the chance that she herself was denied.

Dorothy-The Wizard of OzBuy Mother’s Day Theatre Tickets (Walton/Hampton Hill)

The absence of a mother in The Wizard of Oz helps to create a feeling of vulnerability and strengthens the otherworldly atmosphere of Oz, where witches and wizards reign supreme. Dorothy quickly steps in to fill that void by showing maternal behaviour towards Toto, and her three new friends.  During her quest to get home, she manages to attain: a heart for the Tin Man; a brain the Scarecrow; some courage for the Cowardly Lion as well as bumping off the 2 evil witches to boot- maybe she presents a maternal figure to the whole of Oz!

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