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You are now able to buy tickets for our performances of Legally Blonde the Musical Jr, showing at Esher & Hampton Hill in November and December.  Read on to find out more…

Supporting LocalBuy Esher Theatre Tickets Support Local

As energy bills soar and people start to tighten their belts, now is the time to think carefully about how and where you choose to spend your money.  Everybody will be affected in some way as the cost-of-living continues to rise but in terms of business, it will be the small companies that struggle to survive. Here is how you can make a difference, if you have the choice.

Eating Out

Your favourite independent restaurants will be facing energy bills now.  Imagine the cost of heating a large premise and the gas and electric demanded by the bar and kitchen.  Independent restaurants may not have surplus funds to weather the storm, particularly since Covid, so try to give them your business instead of the larger chains.


Buy Esher Theatre Tickets support local

Unique Shops, Unique Gifts!

We have all become slaves to online shopping but often complain when our favourite shops shut down.  Many of us will be searching for bargains this year but we can still show love to our local independent stores.  The products they sell are generally unique and unusual which make for perfect Christmas gifts.  You can often find items that may be replicas of the more expensive branded versions but cost a lot less so it is worth exploring.  It also feels better knowing that you have supported a small, local business than a faceless, nameless brand.


We all have our favourite Christmas events that really get us in the Christmas spirit- a trip to Santa’s Grotto, Winter Wonderland or a panto full of ex soap stars but it’s worth checking out what is on your door step.  Many Surrey towns have Christmas festivals in December which are totally free and adorned with local shops selling and sometimes giving out freebies!  Also, local theatre companies, like Dramacube, have a wealth of fantastic theatre shows on in November and December, including Legally Blonde the Musical Jr & The Wizard of Oz (YPE).  By booking tickets you are supporting both a young theatre group and a small, local business. For further information and to book tickets, please click here.

Sarah Watson-Dramacube