Best Summer Workshops for Kids in Richmond Borough

Best Summer Workshops for Kids in Richmond Borough

Looking for the Best Summer Workshops for Kids in the Richmond Borough? Look no further- you have found them! Following on from our rip-roaring success last summer, Dramacube have pulled it out of the bag yet again to give you a mouth-watering banquet so delectable, you’ll drop your lolly!

So, let’s dig deep and find out the most interesting facts about the themes we have on offer:

Tangled:  The staircase in her tower is adorned with symbols from other Disney movies, an apple from Snow White, a slipper from Cinderella, a rose from Beauty and a shell from The Little Mermaid. Another amazing fact is that Rapunzel and Eugene both appear in Frozen when Arendelle’s gates re-open for Elsa’s coronation day!  How cute is that?!

Best Summer Workshops for Kids in Richmond BoroughAladdin: If you think Aladdin looks familiar, you’re right! Originally Michael J Fox was chosen to inspire drawings of the main character.  However, they quickly decided that they needed a slightly harder-looking muse, so Tom Cruise was chosen.  No wonder Aladdin could perform his own stunts!

Sing 2:  The masks that Big Daddy (Peter Serafinowicz) and his gang use to hide their identity are of Snowball from The Secret Life of Pets (2016).

Matilda:  Emma Thompson had to learn the art of hammer-throwing for her role as Miss Trunchball. She also wore boots which were styled on those worn by bridge-builders who had to wear heavy boots in order to hold them underwater!

The Little Mermaid:  Before Jonah Hauer-King was cast as our live–action Prince Eric, the role wasBest Summer Workshops for Kids in Richmond Borough offered to the chart-topping singer, Harry Styles but unfortunately Styles had his eye on a film with a darker theme.

Peter Pan & Wendy:  Noah Matthews Matofsky is the first actor with Down Syndrome to have a starring role in a Disney film. He plays Slightly, one of the Lost boys.

Six:  It has an empowering message about the wives of Henry VIII, and it gives voice to their lives and stories which have previously been defined by their relationship with Henry.

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Sarah Watson-  Dramacube