Behind the Scenes: Costume Design

In the first of our ‘Behind the Scenes’ series we asked our Costume Designer Juanita Al-Dahhan how she was going to approach the costumes in our Christmas production of Elf The Musical Jr. She told us that one of the biggest challenges will be highlighting the difference between the real, North Pole Santa Claus and his North Pole elves and the New York department store Santa and his shop elves. She told us this will be created through texture and colour.

She said, “For the North-pole I will be using rich fabric like velvets, fake fur, authentic braids, and rich deep colours of red, green and white. Whereas the New York Santa will have less cheaper and less luxurious fabrics such as felts and shiny satins, they will also be very NY city-ish with lots of sparkle, bright vivid green and reds with even more glitter… And of course, silver and gold tinsel!!  So in summary it is ‘tacky and cheesy’ v’s ‘authentic and classy.’ Both will be a lot of fun to create and most definitely very festive!