Award-Winning Drama Group for Kids!

Award-winning Drama Group for Kids

Dramacube, an award-winning drama group for kids, are so proud to receive 8 Arts Richmond Swan Award nominations this year!  Over the next few weeks we will be checking in with our amazing nominees to get the inside scoop! This week we caught up with Rosie Samuel!

Which role did you receive your Arts Richmond Swan Award Nomination for and in which production?

Genie in Aladdin Jr (DramaCube Yellow Cast)

Tell us about your audition and what you did to get the part?

In the audition, we had to perform a scene in front of everyone and then do a verse of the song “Proud of Your Boy”.

How did you prepare for the role?

I read the script a few times to get me familiar with my lines and the way my character acts. Then I went over my scenes with cast mates and practised getting into character.

What did you love the most about your character?

Award-winning Drama Group for Kids

A Genie-ous Performance!

I loved the personality of the Genie- his enthusiasm and fun and positive approach to each line. Overall, the character was really fun to play!

What was the biggest challenge you faced when developing the role?

The accent. The show was American so everyone was required to do an American accent. I overcame this by using an American accent all the time to get used to it. My parents said I watched even more American TV than usual to help ensure the accent did not slip!

What techniques did you use to learn your lines?

I re-read the script countless times and eventually I would know them off by heart.

How did you feel on the first night?

I felt very excited. It was my favourite part of the entire term – but when we got on the stage before the curtain-up I got pretty nervous especially as I had the opening line. However, as soon as my head peaked through the curtain for my opening line, I saw everyone smiling and I got hyped up for the show.

What was your favourite part about performing the show?

My favourite part of the show was my entrance scene when I danced in with the smoke machine! It was very exciting and I loved the vibe it gave out.

By Rosie Samuel

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