Arts Richmond Swan Award Interview

Arts Richmond swan Award Nomination

Dramacube are so proud to receive 8 Arts Richmond Swan Award nominations this year!  Over the next few weeks we will be checking in with our amazing nominees to get the inside scoop! This week we caught up with Teddy Button!

Which role did you receive your Arts Richmond Swan Award Nomination for and in which production?

I have been nominated for “Best Boy Performer Under 14” for playing Drake in the Dramacube production of Annie Jr.

Tell us about your audition and what you did to get the part?

I auditioned for Drake by singing and showing my best posh British accent, I also had to read some of Drake’s lines in the show to Abby, Steve and Matt from Dramacube.

How did you prepare for the role?

I practised speaking clearly and learning my lines and cues. I also practised the songs at home a lot and with the other cast members at Dramacube.

What did you love the most about your character?

I loved his accent and the suit he wore in the show.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when developing the role?

The day before the show was supposed to start- in March 2020- it had to be cancelled because of Covid. Then when we had to wait until June 2021 to do the performances and I was too big for my first costume!

What techniques did you use to learn your lines?

I practised them by saying them over and over again in my head. Every day after school, I would go into my bedroom and practise the accent, the singing and the dances. I also practised the cues with my Mum and Dad.

How did you feel on the first night?

I was very excited to do the show after waiting so long and I knew the show was going to be amazing!

What was your favourite part about performing the show?

My favourite part was the scene where Annie is welcomed to Mr Warbucks house.

By Teddy Button, age 9

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