Annie Jr. Update

Hampton Hill Cast

Annie Jr. Update

After a frustrating four months of uncertainty, yesterday we finally received the news we’d all been waiting for.

Twickenham Cast perform Annie Jr.

Twickenham Cast perform Annie Jr. at Hampton Hill Theatre

Theatres will start to re-open from August 1st subject to initial pilots.  This welcome news came on the same day as a meeting with Hampton Hill Theatre who have continued to pledge their support in helping us to get the show back on as soon as they re-open.

Whilst the Annie. Jr set will have to be moved in advance of our Summer Holiday Workshop which will take place on the main stage at Hampton Hill Theatre, discussions have focused on how the set, props and costumes can be safely stored in preparation for use when the time comes.

At present the Theatre have planned to re-open in January 2021, however with the news which emerged yesterday, perhaps there is hope we may see that date brought forward.

We have also been exploring the option of an open-air production, however efforts have been unsuccessful due to the current restrictions on group sizes and live performance.

With the prospect of Annie Jr. being staged again at Hampton Hill theatre, plans are being discussed as to how we can best prepare children for the performance.  Although nothing has been confirmed as yet, we feel this is most likely to be a combination of short on-line rehearsals, working through each scene, followed by larger group rehearsals at the Theatre for singing and dance recaps with our creative team.

Whatever happens over the coming months, we will continue to work towards a date when our four young casts can regroup and perform their amazing shows.  We very much look forward to welcoming you back.