Annie JR. Set Design Concepts

As our set designer, Sally continues to develop ideas for the show, we are pleased to be able to share two more of her initial concepts.

In these images you will note the background is the same as before but with a line of washing added on the left.  This was a typical feature of New York City streets in the 1930’s.

In this design the stairs are set behind the tabs with stage decking running across along the entire stage in front of the Cyc.  You’ll see I’ve added a divide down the middle.

Miss. Hannigan’s office is up stage right on the decking and below her is the orphan’s room.  While on the up stage left decking Warbucks’ office is situated with the gallery below.


The next image (3) is again the general set up  but with the stairs off stage right and off stage left.  The brick divide which represents the wealth gap in society continues down stage centre emphasizing the differences between the rich and the poor.

In both of the above images, the home of Warbucks’ is in the glow of the bright city lights, whilst the Orphanage is overshadowed by the dirty run down side of the city and the Hoovervilles.  The city glow will be conveyed by back lighting rigged behind the buildings.  The buildings will be painted onto flats and set up to one meter apart, giving a sense on depth to the city.