Annie Jr. Review – Hampton Hill Green Cast

Congratulations to our Hampton Hill Green Cast on a fabulous production of Annie.

The Mark Aspen Review is in.

From the Stage to the Heart.

Music by Charles Strouse, Lyrics by Martin Charnin

Review by Millie Stephens

Annie Jr is performed by an outstanding cast of twenty-two talented young actors from Dramacube, staged at Hampton Hill Theatre.  Annie Jr is Stephen Leslie’s amazing take on the Tony Award-winning Best Musical, Annie.

The musical director Abbey Mordue did a wonderful job of lifting the elegant and vibrant singing off the stage and into the audience’s heart.  There was a wonderful range of slower, emotional songs for example Maybe – Reprise sung by Keiva Mcnelis who played Annie; in comparison with Little Girls which was an energetic, powerful song sung by Charlotte Taylor who played Miss Hannigan.  Also the ensemble songs like N.Y.C and Hard-Knock-Life created a buzzing atmosphere where the audience could feel the energy and excitement radiating through the theatre.

The set design, built by Alan Corbett, was very creative and memorable with the stage split into two halves, the orphanage where Annie spent the first ten years of her life, and Mr Warbucks’ house in which she spends a Christmas holiday and then gets adopted. This made it easy for the audience to follow the whereabouts of scene. I also thought that the costume by Hannah Calarco were exceptional, especially with the many costume changes between orphans, New Yorkers and staff. This helped the show to come alive and let the audience escape into the world of Annie. …read on for more here