Annie JR. Costume Designs

Annie in Hampton Hill, Richmond & Teddington

Costume Designs by Akshy Marayen

With our rehearsals at our Richmond & Kingston, Twickenham & Teddington and Hampton Hill & Sunbury locations starting this week, the creative team behind the scenes have been busy preparing for the production.  In this post, costume designer Akshy Marayen shares some of her designs for the Orphans.

The above image details the orphan costumes.

During The Great Depression in 1933 many children found themselves orphaned and living in poverty.

When designing the orphans’ costumes I conducted thorough research to find out what these children might have been wearing. Most of their clothing would have been donations likely to have been ill-fitting and in poor condition, and would have got progressively worse through wear and tear.

Having a background in textiles I understand that each part of wear and breakdown serves to illustrate specific parts of the character’s story.

The children’s clothes would be dirty and worn down as they are cleaning all day and would be faded through overuse.

The colour of their clothes would be dull and murky, because whenever washed it is likely they were all washed at the same time making the clothes greyer.

I was also very keen that the orphan costumes contrasted dramatically with the wealthier class that Oliver Warbucks associates with.