More Annie JR. Costume Designs!

We caught up with costume designer Akshy Marayen again this week, who shared a few more ideas with us.

Rooster is a con artist whose girlfriend Lily St. Regis serves as his accomplice. As a couple they are both vain and greedy which is reflected in their costumes.

Despite their lack of money, they enjoy looking fashionable and the attention it brings; in order to fund this lifestyle, they are willing to source money through dishonest means.  I was keen to make their costumes seem almost like a caricature of fashion and glamour in the 1930s.

I hoped to convey a similar idea when designing Miss Hannigan’s costume. I feel that Miss Hannigan uses clothes and jewellery as a method of escape from her own life. She adores to dress up in her own ideas of glamour, but often comes across as a clumsy attempt at such. This is why I wanted her costume to be slightly mismatched, with many different clashing colours.