Aladdin Character List

Student scripts arrive for Hampton Hill and Twickenham casts

Aladdin Character List

We have now received our Broadway Junior Aladdin scripts from Music Theatre International which will be given out to our Hampton Hill

Aladdin Jr. Script

Student Script

and Twickenham casts in January.

Aladdin Jr. is a fantastic musical with huge potential for acting, singing and dancing roles.  For students who love the performing arts this is an excellent production to be part of.

The characters in the Disney version are as follows;

Genie – all powerful, fast talking wisecracker and prisoner of the lamp.

Ensemble – Includes Agrabahns, the citizens of Agrabah; Genie’s magical Ensemble in ‘Friend Like Me’, and ‘Prince Ali’s Entourage.

Aladdin – Charismatic, poor street urchin; longs to make his mother proud.

Babkak, Omar and Kassim – Aladdin’s devoted and penniless pals.

Jasmine – Princess of Agrabah; craves the freedom to make her own choices.

Sultan – Warmhearted ruler of Agrabah.

Jafar – the Sultan’s villainous Grand Vizier.

Iago – Jafar’s lackey; always over-eager to assist in an evil plan.

Shop Owner – marketplace vendor from whom Aladdin steals bread.

Razoul – Head of the Guards.

Guards (2) – work for Razoul.

Beggars (3) – hungry Agrabahns in the marketplace.

Apple Vendor – a merchant in the marketplace.

Fortune Teller – unintentionally helps Aladdin escape from the guards.

Attendants (2) – accompany Prince Abdullah on his journey to Agrabah.

Prince Abdullah – one of Princess Jasmine’s arrogant suitors.

Isir, Manal and Rajah – Jasmine’s loyal, encouraging attendants.

Spooky Voice – reveals the location of the lamp.

Cave of Wonders – voice of the magical cave; declares Aladdin to be the “Diamond in the Rough”.