“A Christmas Carol”, Journey Back to Victorian London!

Christmas Angel _ By Mahnam Sabahi 2016

“A Christmas Carol”, Journey back to Victorian London!

After a week packed full of Halloween fun, children in our 4-6yrs Saturday morning class returned to the excitement of  a Christmas story for the festive season. Children were amazed to find themselves being whisked back to Victorian England where they started to explore the famous Charles Dickens’ story “A Christmas Carol”.

Dramacube "A Christmas Carol"

Dramacube 4-6 years rehearsing “A Christmas Carol”

“Scrooge” played in Dramacube 4-6 years drama – November 2021

It’s full of familiar festive icons and events with a fantasy story line and ghostly theme.

“A Christmas Carol” is a classic that has been adapted for the stage in many different ways but the excellent story is what always makes it an interesting experience.

Children at Dramacube enjoyed hearing about Dickensian lifestyle and meeting some of the characters, especially the mean “Mr. Scrooge”. Kids enjoyed learning about the story and the characters who struggled to get by too, particularly those who worked for Mr. Scrooge.

Our amazing teachers, Katie and Lena introduced props and costumes for children to use and wear to show them what it was like to live in Victorian London and to help them imagine how life was at that time.

As the term continues, we’ll be unravelling the rest of the story, then working towards a short performance for parents to enjoy in December.