A Ghost Story for Halloween

Spooky workshops at Hampton Hill Theatre

A Ghost Story for Halloween

It was this time last year that performing arts students from Teddington, Hampton Hill and Twickenham performed in a Dramacube Halloween workshop-production at the Studio, Hampton Hill Theatre.  The show included acting, sings and dance including a ‘Thriller’ inspired routine.

Here is the script they worked from;

Halloween Workshop Script – October 2017

Scene 1.

Scarborough Fair.

Narrator 1:          Okay, how about this?  ‘Spirits in torment! Do they really come back to the scenes of their tragedies? Bound there forever,                                  even in death?

Narrator 2:          It was a fine clear autumn day.

Narrator 3:          The late October sunshine had brought flocks of tourists to the beautiful North East coast of England.

Narrator 4:          The pier was buzzing with people.

Narrator 5:          The delicious smell of fried fish and vinegar smothered potato chips drifted tantalizingly through the air.

Narrator 6:          It was October 31st but the brilliant midday sunshine gave the feel of a hot August bank holiday weekend.

Narrator 7:          The Sea was clam and the waves gently rippled into the shallows.

Narrator 8:          With such idyllic conditions it made no sense that the life boat siren sounded.

Narrator 9:          What possible disaster at sea could have occurred?

Narrator 10:        The lifeboat station doors crashed open

Narrator 11:        And the magnificent Frederick William Plaxton

Narrator 12:        Surged out into the sea.

Scene 2.

Captain:               Report; 3 man fishing vessel in distress.

Volunteer 1:       Coordinates; 11.2572 North, 52.8432 East.

Volunteer 2:       Distance; 14 nautical miles.

Volunteer 3:       Personnel; Three able bodied crew.

Volunteer 4:       Increase speed to 25 knots.

Volunteer 5:       25 knots.

Scene 3

Narrator 1:          The lighthouse station at Scarborough had been founded in 1801.

Narrator 2:          Volunteer crews had saved hundreds of lives over the past two centuries.

Narrator 3:          There had been many, many success stories

Narrator 4:          And the current crew had an exemplary record and were renowned as one of the                                                                                                             most experienced and expert teams operating in the UK.

Narrator 5:          But the towns’ people still remembered the story of 1917.

Narrator 6:          Disaster struck when the lifeboat was launched to rescue a small fishing vessel which                                                                                                     had been caught out in an unexpected storm.

Narrator 7:          It had been fine weather that day, exceptionally good for that time of year.

Narrator 8:          The town had been preparing for its traditional All Hallows Eve festival when the                                                                                                           lifeboat siren sounded.

Narrator 9:          The lifeboat capsized and all of her crew went down.

Narrator 10:        The fishing boat was never recovered and to this day, the tragic event still remained                                                                                                       a mystery.

Narrator 11:        One hundred years on and the Scarborough lifeboat was still in service.

Scene 4

Volunteer 1:       Approaching vessel location Captain.

Volunteer 2:       Where is it?

Captain:               Check coordinates.

Volunteer 3:       Coordinates correct Captain.

Volunteer 4:       No vessel.

Volunteer 5:       It can’t have gone down.

Volunteer 1:       The weather is completely still.

Volunteer 2:       There is no wind.

Volunteer 3:       You could sail a dingy out here today.

Volunteer 4:       I don’t understand Captain.

Captain:               No, me neither.

Scene 5

Storm SFX & LFX

Narrator 1:          In seconds the weather turned.

Narrator 2:          A thick sea fret rolled in and smothered the boat.

Narrator 3:          Strong winds tossed the boat around

Narrator 4:          And high crashing waves smashed into the side of the lifeboat.

Narrator 5:          The crew were thrown off their feet.

Narrator 6:          And then, from no-where, they appeared.

Narrator 7:          Ten men, dressed in lifeboat crew clothing.

Narrator 8:          But clothes not recognizable in 2017.

Narrator 9:          They wore clothes from a different century.

Narrator 10:        These men were from 1917.

Narrator 1:          Their faces pale and washed out.

Narrator 2:          Their clothing wet and torn.

Narrator 3:          These men were not from this world.

Narrator 4:          These men were zombies!


Narrator 5:          The zombies lurched towards the crew.

Narrator 6:          Surely they were all doomed!

Narrator 7:          The zombies got closer and closer

Narrator 8:          The crew screamed!

Narrator 9:          They called out in fear.

Narr. 10/Girl:      But then I woke up from my nap.  It was time to get my zombie costume on.  I was meeting friends from school for a                                           Halloween party.  It was going to be a great night with loads of food, drink, scary films and of course our favourite song.

Little Shop of Horrors – Intro