8-12yrs Perform Oliver Jr in Walton!

8-12yrs perform oliver jr in Walton

This term our Esher cast of 8-12yrs perform Oliver Jr in Walton at the Cecil Hepworth Playhouse.  The Playhouse has a blue plaque because it was originally built as a film studio for Cecil Hepworth. Hepworth was a pioneer film-maker whose ingenuity brought important developments to the production and technology of British films, such as Alice in Wonderland (pictured above).  Hepworth worked as a Director and Producer and was highly successful, for a time, with his ground-breaking films.  He also invented the Vivaphone, an early sound system for adding sound to motion pictures. The device used phonograph records to record and play back the sound on film and was distributed across the UK, USA and Canada,

Unfortunately, most of his pioneering work was lost when his company went into receivership and the8-12yrs Perform Oliver Jr in Walton film negatives were destroyed! But aren’t our 8-12yrs lucky to perform Oliver Jr in such an important building!

They aren’t the only lucky ones! Residents of the Richmond Borough and the surrounding areas, are spoilt when it comes to interesting buildings in their hometowns.  Here are just a few examples of famous local residents whose houses now have blue plaques:

  • Noël Coward, the Playwright, has a blue plaque where he lived in Teddington‎.
  • Henry Fielding, the Novelist, has a blue plaque in Barnes.
  • David Garrick, the Playwright, lived in Hampton.
  • Kathleen (‘Kitty’) Godfree, the Tennis & Badminton player, lived in East Sheen‎.
  • Gustav Holst, the Composer, lived in Barnes‎.
  • Lancelot “Capability” Brown, England’s greatest Garden Designer, lived in Hampton Court‎.
  • Saint John Henry Newman lived in Ham.
  • Camille Pissarro, the French Impressionist Painter, lived on Kew Green‎.
  • Alfred Lord Tennyson, the English Poet, lived in Twickenham‎.
  • Alan Turing, the Codebreaker, lived in Hampton‎.
  • Horace Walpole, the English Writer & Politician, lived at Strawberry Hill House‎.
  • Sir Christopher Wren, the Architect, lived in Richmond‎.
  • J.M.W.Turner, the Painter, designed and lived at a house in St Margarets.

8-12yrs Perform Oliver Jr in Walton


If your 8-12yr olds would like to perform Oliver Jr in Walton, please click here.

Sarah Watson-Dramacube