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Calling all eco-warriors to action!!  Do you love Dramacube? Do you love our planet?  Do you love our green spaces? Do you love our local community? If so, read on!

As part of our Decade of Dramacube celebration, we set out a number of green pledges to help improve our local environment and we are putting our words into action!

Dig Day-Hampton Hill Junior School

Richmond Borough Kids Group

Dramacube Mucking In!

On Sunday 16th October, Hampton Hill Junior School will be hosting their own Dig Day from 2pm-5pm.  This happens on an annual basis and involves restoring and reviving an existing green space within the school grounds.  This is a very special area for the school as it is used by their gardening club and provides both wellbeing and learning benefits. As a Richmond Borough Kids Group we wanted to help support other children in our borough.

How a Richmond Borough Kids Group is Helping

  • We are calling on all Dramacube students and parents to join the Dramacube Team to get mucky & help the school maintain their green space.
  • We will be donating (not just pledging like Amber Heard!) £100 towards the cost of new plants to help improve the aesthetic appearance of the garden.
  • Dramacube are contacting other local businesses to match our donation…so watch this space!

The Impact of Green Spaces- Child Development & Mental Health

According to a review by Rachel McCormick in 2017, access to green space is associated with:

Richmond Borough Kids Group

Green Spaces are Fundamental!

  • Improved mental wellbeing
  • Improved behaviour
  • Better overall health and cognitive development
  • Attention restoration
  • Stress moderation
  • Higher test scores
  • Better self-discipline
  • Stronger memory function
  • Overall competence

How to Get Involved!

If you would like to come and help out please email

Dramacube are currently offering several summer holiday workshops. To find out more about our fantastic group, please visit

Sarah Watson-Dramacube

Kids Activities in Surrey & Middlesex

Dramacube are running a plethora of Kids Activities in Surrey & Middlesex this summer.  For example, 7-14yr olds will be able to visit Encanto in Esher and 4-6yr olds will be able to travel the high seas with Moana at Hampton Hill Theatre! To celebrate this fabulous medley, let’s take a peek at other local activities running this summer.

Family Trail at Orleans House

Mon-Sunday until end of March 2023- Orleans House Gallery, Orleans Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 3BL.

View Orleans House Gallery like you’ve never seen before! Ask, look, create, imagine with our new family trail guide. Visit the front desk or the café, borrow our trail sheet, and start your journey. We also have paper, pencils and clipboards available if you want to use them too. This trail is a simple set of questions to ask on your way around the gallery spaces to help children and their grown-ups engage with our exhibitions and spaces. The activity is free to use and OG ask families to return the trail when they have finished.

Let’s Get Creative- High Tide Festival

Sunday 17th July 2022 2-4pm- Orleans House Gallery (as above)

As part of the High Tide festival join OG for an afternoon of music, joy, play and movement. This special edition of Let’s Get Creative is free to attend and aimed at 4-11yr olds and their families.

Kids Activities in Surrey & Middlesex

Rocking Rabbits in Teddington

Rocking Rabbits Workshop with Ace Art

Tuesday 26th July 2022 10-12 & 1-3pm- Landmark Arts Centre, Ferry Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 9NN Suitable for ages: 6 – 14 years

Get creative! In this workshop you will create a fun, colourful, individual canvas exploring painting, perspective drawing, patterning and collage techniques. Early booking recommended. Tutors: Ace Art. £14 per child

Come Out & Play at Ham House & Garden

Dates throughout the summer, check website- 10-4pm- Ham St, Ham, Richmond TW10 7RS

Hop, skip or jump your way to new adventures this summer! This summer HH are encouraging the whole family to get outdoors and active. Try out some games and activities in the garden, or book onto one of their activity taster sessions. Keep an eye on their website for further details and bookable events. Please note normal admission charges apply, but there is no additional charge to take part in our activities this summer. Pre-booking is required for some activities.

Bach to Baby Family Concert

Friday 12 August, 10:30am- All Hallow’s Church, Chertsey Road, Twickenham, London, TW1 1EW

Bach to Baby is the critically acclaimed concert series for babies, toddlers and their families to enjoy together. Tots dance, roam about and revel in the wonder of live music, while you take a moment out of your busy day to hear top notch performances by outstanding musicians, with your young babes in tow.

Kids Activities in Surrey & Middlesex

Who Did It?

Murder Mystery Family Tours

18th/24th/30th August 2022- 11:30-1pm – World Rugby Museum, Twickenham Stadium, Whitton Rd, Twickenham, London, TW2 7BA

Calling all budding detectives! It’s 1895 and something terrible has happened to England’s captain. There are several suspects-can you help them solve the mystery? Through an immersive experience, families will step back in time and work as detectives to solve the crime. By using diligent detective skills, analysing a crime scene, piecing together alibis, and cross-examining some key witnesses, families will uncover the true killer! In order to crack the case, you will need to complete a series of literacy-based activities and use your best deduction skills. Tour and combined activity lasts 90 minutes, after which families will have the opportunity to explore the World Rugby Museum and use their fun interactive zone.Pre-booking required, minimum and maximum capacities in effect.

If you think your child would like to have a scintillating summer with Dramacube, click here!

Sarah Watson – Dramacube

Theatrical Workshops for kids this summer!

Word is out and tongues are wagging, you must have heard the news by now that Dramacube are offering a feast, no sorry, a banquet of theatrical workshops for kids this summer!  Beauty and the Beast is always a favourite choice- perhaps the love story, the setting, or the idea of good & evil in disguise, captures kids’ imaginations time and time again.

To celebrate this fabulous workshop choice, let’s take a look at other antagonists who use disguise to carry out their evil plans.

Theatrical Workshops for Kids this summer!

Beauty is only skin deep!

Ursula-The Little Mermaid

A wicked plan to overthrow King Triton, leads Ursula to his daughter Ariel, a mermaid who is desperately in love with a land-locked Prince.  The Sea Witch offers Ariel the chance to be human in exchange for her beautiful voice and a deadly deal which will land Ariel in prison if she fails to kiss the prince and become human within 3 days!  Once Ursula has ownership of Ariel’s voice, she disguises herself as Vanessa in order to thwart Ariels’ attempts with Prince Eric. We all know the outcome of this fabulous tale but one noteworthy mention which makes this villain particularly deadly- her ability to turn other creatures into sea polyps!  There is something so haunting about that idea.

Prince Hans-Frozen

Possibly one of the most reviled characters from all of the Disney films, Hans embodies the idiom of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.   He cleverly wins the heart of Anna in the blink of an eye and goes about pretending to help her on her quest to find Elsa and save Arendelle.  It is all just a ploy to become king and he leaves Anna to freeze to death.  Luckily Olaf is there to save the day and Anna’s “act of true love” is enough to melt everyone’s hearts.

Theatrical workshops for kids this summer

Not Just A Cuddly Bear!

Lotso- Toy Story 3

An embittered teddy bear disguises himself as the friendly leader of Sunnyside Daycare.   When Woody and Co end up there after a misunderstanding, they are made to feel welcome and at home.  It is not long before they realise that Lotso has turned the daycare centre into a toy prison and acquired the help of Buzz Lightyear by switching on his factory settings.  Luckily a happy ending ensues.

If your child would enjoy a theatrical workshop please click here.

Sarah Watson- Dramacube

Act, Sing & Dance this summer

Would you like to act, sing & dance this Summer away? Well look no further as Dramacube are offering a wide variety of holiday workshops for 4-6 & 7-14yr olds.

Act, Sing & Dance this Summer- inspired by Encanto!

Encanto will be inspiring workshops for both age groups and during my research I’ve discovered a little gem of information about that fantastic film.  Each character’s costumes have details on them to symbolise their super powers.  For example:  hourglass figures highlight Bruno’s ability to see into the future, while Isabella’s floral dress references her ability to control plants.  Next time you watch the film, take a closer look and see if you can spot the others.

Act, Sing & Dance this Summer

Making a Bold Statement!

In the meantime, let’s discuss the symbolic use of costume in other films.

Legally Blonde

When you think of Elle Woods, you probably think pink and shiny! The Costume Designer used bright and vivid colours to reinforce Elle’s vivacious and outgoing personality.  However, more subtle is the change in tones and styles as the film progresses.  Elle goes from candy coloured, brassy fabrics with curly hair to more muted tones, softer fabrics and a stylish straight pony tail.  This clever transformation supports her character development throughout the film but the original look will always remain much more iconic!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Dolores Umbridge’s scarf hints at her secret inclinations.  The scarf she wears has the length of a snake but the head of a cat, thus hinting at her feelings towards Lord Voldemort.

Act, Sing & Dance this Summer

Imprisoned by Costume!

The Hunger Games

Effie Trinket is always wearing bold colours and striking outfits.  This rich display hints at wealth, but also the restrictions of the regime, as she is always gripped by chokers, sinched in by corsets waistlines and tottering about on towering heels.


The purple suit worn by the Joker in Batman is meant to be unsettling as purple is often perceived as mysterious and linked to the supernatural elements of life.  Perfect for the psychotic Joker!

The Wizard of Oz

The blue gingham dress worn by Dorothy is said to symbolise optimism.  It stands out nicely in the technicolour world of Oz but when you picture it in those early Kansas scenes you realise how Dorothy would have represented a stark contrast to the greys and browns of the American Depression.  This was meant to symbolise public desire to escape the dust bowl and finally move towards the American Dream.

If your child would like to act, sing & dance this summer, please click here.

Sarah Watson-Dramacube

Movie-Making Holiday Workshops for Kids

This summer, Dramacube will be running Movie-Making Holiday Workshops for kids in Hampton Hill and York.  To celebrate this news and Father’s Day, let’s take a look at memorable father figures in film history.

The Shining

When Jack Torrance (played by Jack Nicholson) becomes caretaker of The Overlook hotel for the Winter, he moves his family in and hopes to overcome his writer’s block.  The evil spirit of the hotel has other plans for Jack, who along with his son, suffers frequent and terrifying psychic visions.  As Jack spirals into a maniacal lunatic his family struggle to escape his grasp and you are left with the troubling notion that history will continue to repeat itself at The Overlook Hotel.

Movie-Making Holiday Workshops for Kids

Battling Stereotypes

Hotel Transylvania

Despite his old-fashioned views and permanent frustration with his unfounded stereotype, Dracula always has the best intentions for his family.  A need to protect his children and his hotel from the modern world leads him into all sorts of trouble.  Once a human is brought into the fold, he finally relents and realises that he needs to move with the times- whatever is good for his family is good for him!

Leon The Professional

The film that rocketed Natalie Portman’s career into the stratosphere was crippled by controversy but still remains one of the most authentic films of all time.  When Mathilda’s parents are killed, she seeks solace in the reluctant guardianship of Leon, a professional hitman. Leon sets about teaching Mathilde all he knows, with some great frustration and comedy moments along the way. As the relationship unfolds against a backdrop of horror and violence, Mathilde is able to breakthrough his tough exterior and they both experience love for the first time in their lives.  By the end of the film, we are all in love with Leon.

Movie-Making Holiday Workshops for Kids

Experimenting with camera shots!

Despicable Me

Another unlikely hero comes in the form of reformed-super-villain, Gru.  Despite his grand plan to steal the moon and take over the world, he is distracted by a group of lovable orphans and ends up caring more about them than his original devious plot.  Bad characters turned good are all the more lovable for some unknown reason.

If your child would like to have a go at Movie-Making workshops for kids, please click here.

Movie-Makers York currently have an ‘Early Bird 10% Discount’ for their Summer Holiday Workshops which is valid until the end of July so get booking!

Sarah Watson-Dramacube

Summer activities for kids

Dramacube Summer Activities for Kids!

This year Dramacube have really splashed out on their summer activities for kids, with a wide variety of workshops including: Encanto, Moana, Frozen, Beauty & the Beast and The Little Mermaid.

The 8th June was World Ocean’s Day, so to celebrate this and the announcement of our Little Mermaid workshop, lets take a deep dive into the issue of ocean pollution.

summer activities for kids

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch!

Ocean Facts:

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is made up of 2 floating islands of debris in the North Pacific Ocean.  It covers roughly 1.6 million km2 – an area three times the size of France! Most of the waste is microscopic or has floated to the seabed!

700 species of animal are affected by plastic pollution in the ocean

10% of dead animals found during beach clean ups have been entangled in plastic bags

5 trillion pieces of plastic are currently floating in the ocean

90% of sea birds mistake plastic for food

52% of sea turtles have eaten plastic

What’s being done?

summer activities for kids

The Ocean Clean Up Machine!

Innovators, like Boyan Slat, CEO of The Ocean Clean Up, are dedicating their lives to creating technology that will clean up our oceans.  Since research began, they have realised the complexity of their mission. Much of the waste is microscopic and sits in the sediment on the ocean floor.  Also, they are struggling to invent a waste collecting device which can decipher between rubbish and wildlife.  Progress is constant and Slat plans to clean up 90% of all ocean litter by 2040- what an amazing man!

How can you help?

Educate Yourselves! Dramacube were recently introduced to an INCREDIBLE company called Earth Cubs who teach children about sustainability and the world around them using storytelling, games and much more!

summer activities for kids

Summer Workshops

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint! Greenhouse gases are making our oceans more acidic- forcing our reefs and certain species of marine life to struggle. You can help by cycling rather than driving, switching off household devices and keeping the heating off for as long as possible.

Be Gentle at the Rock Pool! Help marine life by treating it delicately and returning it back to it’s original habitat.

Use less plastic!


If your child would like to join our summer activities for kids.  Please click here!

Dramacube- Sarah Watson

Kids Holidays Workshops Richmond Borough

Dramacube will be running several kids holiday workshops in the Richmond Borough this summer!  We have a fabulous array of popular themes to choose from, including: Moana, Encanto, Frozen and Beauty and the Beast, for both 4-6 and 7-14yr olds.  The older group will focus on acting, singing and dancing and will put on a short performance for parents at the end of the workshop.  One of our workshops will centre around The Wizard of Oz- a popular choice with Dramacube members.  So, to celebrate, here is a list of interesting facts about The Wizard of Oz, the film.

Shocking Facts about The Wizard of Oz

Kids holiday workshops in the Richmond Borough

A stunt went very wrong!

Margaret Hamilton, who played the Wicked Witch was severely burnt during a special effects error.  This involved the famous fireball scene and an elevator which carried the actress through a trap door and beneath the set.  Her stunt double was also injured by an exploding broomstick which left parts of her costume embedded in her flesh wound!

The Emerald City was in fact white! The Wizard of Oz encouraged the town folk to wear green-tinted glasses to fool them, and us it would seem!

The Horse of a Different Colour was made so using a variety of different coloured jelly powders.  The horse was simply smothered in the powder and kept from licking it off.

Toto was paid more then the actors playing the Munchkins- they only got $50 a week!  Toto received $125!

The green paint used to cover the witch’s face and body was toxic because it had copper in it.  It had to be carefully removed each night in order to be safe.

Drama Classes for Kids

Dramacube presents The Wizard of Oz!

The cowardly lion’s costume was reportedly made of real lion’s skin and weighed 60 pounds.  It was recently auctioned off for over $3,000,000, sweat and all!

The aluminium used to paint the tin man caused allergic reactions.  The original actor breathed in the dust and suffered with breathing issues for the rest of his life! He was swiftly replaced but the new aluminium paste caused eye problems instead.

Even the actor playing the scarecrow complained about the extreme heat and was left with permanent marks on his face from the costume.

Many of the male munchkins were really badly behaved, tormenting the actress playing Dorothy, onset,

Kids Holiday Workshops Richmond Borough

The Ruby Slippers.

and getting arrested off set!

The snowstorm in the poppy field was actually created by asbestos being dropped on the actors’ heads.

Asbestos was often used on film sets back in the day but is now known to be a serious health hazard as it can lead to several lung conditions including cancer!

Judy Garland was treated terribly by the film studio and creators. She was slapped, put on a strict diet and ordered to work for days on end.  She probably wished those shoes really were magic!

Kids Holiday Workshops in the Richmond Borough

If you think your child would like to travel somewhere over the rainbow and join one of our kids holiday workshops in the Richmond Borough, please click here.

Sarah Watson-Dramacube

Summer Camps in Hampton

Dramacube will be hosting several summer camps in Hampton and surrounding areas this year. One such camp will be inspired by Disney’s Moana and include: drama, games, storytelling, singing, arts & crafts and much more! Parents and guardians will also be invited to a short presentation at the end of workshop.

Summer Camps in Hampton

Protect our Planet

Why did we choose Moana for our Summer camps in Hampton?

Who doesn’t love Moana?  The songs, the characters, the beautiful setting and fantastic storyline- all come together to build a visually stunning spectacle with an intriguing storyline.  At Dramacube we particularly love Moana because of its strong environmental message.  Although Disney doesn’t make it explicit, we are encouraged to draw comparisons between the degradation of natural resources in Motunui and our own planet, between the Islanders’ ignorant drive to carry on regardless and modern-man’s desire to self-destruct.  So, what can we do to help save the planet?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Reduce the amount of waste we create.  Reuse items or buy reusable cups, bottle, bags etc.  Recycle everything that can be recycled so that it can be turned into other things.

Build Habitats

Summer Camps in Hampton

Plant Wildflowers

British Wildlife is struggling- we can help by building log-piles, bug houses and planting wildflowers.

Eat More Greens

Reducing the amount of meat you eat will help the fight against deforestation and the production of greenhouse gases.  Even if we can go vegan or vegetarian, a couple of nights a week, this could help.

Be Resourceful!

Most households are already doing this for several reasons but reducing energy and water waste in your house can really help.  Keep an eye out for unnecessary lighting, gadgets being on standby and dripping taps!

Summer Camps in Hampton

A Decade of Dramacube

What is Dramacube doing to Help the Environment?

Dramacube has made its own green pledge to celebrate A Decade of Dramacube.  We will be funding planters in Hampton Hill High Street, planting trees in Bushy Park and working closely with local schools to make green spaces more accessible to children.

If you think your child would like to join Moana in her environmental crusade, please click here!  You’re welcome!

Sarah Watson-Dramacube


holiday workshops in Richmond

Holiday Workshops in Richmond Borough

This August, 4-6yr olds in Richmond and the surrounding boroughs will be welcome to join Dramacube for 2-day holiday workshops inspired by Disney’s Frozen.  Each day will be packed full of games, drama, story-telling, arts and crafts and lots more.  At the end of the workshop, parents and guardians will be invited to watch a short presentation by the children.

Humans with Super-Human Powers!

Holiday Workshops in Richmond

Unwanted Superhuman Powers!

As you well know, the story of Frozen centres around two sisters, Elsa and Ana, one of whom has the unwanted gift of freezing things with her hands. To celebrate this great workshop news, I thought it might be interesting to look at real-life cases of people with super-human powers.

Zero Pain

Jo Cameron, from Scotland, is unable to feel pain.  In an article in The Guardian she describes how easily she burns herself whilst cooking and only realises when the aroma of burning skin reaches her nose.  Major operations and childbirth have also passed her by without discomfort.  Tests at University College Hospital discovered an abundance of a substance called Anandamide in her body- increasing happiness and cancelling out anxiety, pain and fear.

Holiday Workshops in Richmond

Medium- Dr Fia Johansson

A Sixth Sense

Medium, Dr Fia Johansson, from America, is known as The Persian Psychic and often helps law enforcement to solve difficult cases.  Dr Johansson has always had “the gift” but failed to understand what it meant until she was around 6 years old.  A family member was about to leave home and Fia kept telling her not to because there would be an accident.  The relative ignored her advice and swiftly regretted it when Fia’s vision came true.  As an adult, Dr Fia Johansson has used her visions to help locate missing people and assist law enforcement.

Hysterical Strength

This phenomenon refers to people having the superhuman but temporary strength, necessary to, for example, lift cars off of trapped children.  Increased adrenaline production reportedly makes this possible during life and death situations.  Due to the unpredictable nature of these incidents, they are yet to be explored scientifically.  Most examples appear to have taken place in the USA, however in 2009, in Newport, Wales, Donna McNamee, Abigail Sicolo, and Anthony McNamee lifted a 1.1-ton Renault Clio off an 8yr old boy.  Other notable examples include Jack Kirby who was inspired to create the original Hulk, by a seeing a woman lift a car off of her baby!

If you are interested in our holiday workshops in the Richmond Borough, please click here.

Sarah Watson- Dramacube

Summer Camps in Hampton

Dramacube celebrated 10 years of performing arts classes with A Decade of Dramacube at the weekend.  Members from past and present casts gathered together to act, sing and dance the night away at The Exchange Theatre in Twickenham.

Having weathered the highs and lows of the last 10 years, Steve Leslie felt it only right to celebrate and to do so with the people that truly matter: the kids, the parents and his creative team.

What the Kids Did:

Casts from all over the Richmond borough got to revisit some of the shows, songs and dance routines from several past productions and workshops.    Purple Cast dazzled with songs from Beauty & the Beast, Fame Jr and Wicked.  Yellow Cast shone with Annie Jr and The Wizard of Oz (YPE).  Blue Cast impressed us with songs from The Wizard of Oz (YPE), Aladdin Jr and Annie Jr.  Red Cast delighted audiences with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Peter Pan Jr and Annie Jr.  Whilst Green Cast entertained us with Matilda Jr, Elf the Musical Jr and Annie Jr.

What the Adults Did:

Performing Arts Classes

Oh What A Night!

Perhaps the most surprising part of the night came with a production called Annie Retold which was written and directed by Matthew Bunn and performed by the Dramacube Creative Team.  Dripping with Matt’s cutting wit and dry humour, the show was a huge success with several moments of hilarity and surprise.  Matt took great pleasure, not only in donning a wig, a dress and playing the main part, but also in having the power to kill off a couple of the main characters!  Annie will never be the same again!

The Future:

To mark the occasion, Dramacube have made three green pledges to make a small but positive impact on our local environment.  These include: planting a new tree every year; providing planters for Hampton Hill High Street and developing gardens and green spaces in  local schools.

Performing Arts Classes-What’s On Now?

It was straight back to work for the Dramacube team who are now turning their attention to the Summer Holiday Workshops.  If you would like to join us please click here.

Sarah Watson-Dramacube