Dramacube will provide a supportive, caring and safe environment in which all children are free from the fear of being bullied. Bullying of any form is not tolerated in at Dramacube.

Bullying behaviour is unacceptable in any form.

Any child who is a victim of bullying will be dealt with in a sympathetic manner. If bullying is suspected or reported, the incident will be dealt with immediately by the member of staff informed, and then discussed with the Company Director. A clear account of the incident will be recorded. All staff will be informed so that close monitoring of the victim and bully can begin. Parents of both parties will be informed.

Dramacube defines bullying as the repeated harassment of others through emotional, physical, psychological or verbal abuse. This can be in person or online.

Physical: Pushing, scratching, spitting, kicking, hitting, biting, taking or damaging belongings, tripping up, punching or using any sort of violence against another person.

Psychological: Behaviour likely to create a sense of fear or anxiety in another person.

Emotional: Being deliberately unkind, shunning or excluding another person from a group or tormenting them. For example, making another person feel ‘left out’ of a game or activity, passing notes about others or making fun of another person.

Verbal: Name-calling, put-downs, ridiculing or using words to attack, threaten or insult. For example, spreading rumours or making fun of another person’s appearance.

Preventing bullying behaviour

Staff at Dramacube will foster an anti-bullying culture in the following ways:

By creating a safe space for children to be creative without fear of ridicule.

Encouraging caring and supportive behaviour.

Encouraging paired, group and team work.

Encouraging children to report bullying without fear.

Discussing the issues surrounding bullying with the children, including why bullying behaviour will not be tolerated.

Responding to bullying behaviour

Dramacube acknowledges that despite all efforts to prevent it, bullying could possibly occur on occasion. Should such incidents occur, Dramacube will respond in accordance with the following principles:

We will address all incidents of bullying thoroughly and sensitively.

Victims of bullying will be offered the immediate opportunity to discuss the matter with a member of staff who will reassure the child and offer support.

They will be reassured that what they say will be taken seriously and handled sympathetically.

Staff will support the individual who has been bullied, keeping them under close supervision, and checking their welfare regularly.

Parents of the bully and the victim will be contacted and made fully aware of the situation.

If another child witnesses bullying and reports this, staff will reassure them that they have done the right thing. Staff will then investigate the matter.

If a member of staff witnesses an act of bullying, involving children they will inform the Company Director.

Children who have bullied will be helped by discussing what has happened, establishing why the child behaved as they did. Staff will help the child to understand why this form of behaviour is unacceptable and will encourage him/her to change their behaviour.  A warning will be given declaring that the child will be forced to leave the group if the bullying behaviour continues or is repeated in the future.

If bullying behaviour persists, the bully will be excluded from Dramacube.  A refund will not be given.

All incidents of bullying will be reported to the Company Director and logged.