Theatrical Workshops for kids this summer!

Word is out and tongues are wagging, you must have heard the news by now that Dramacube are offering a feast, no sorry, a banquet of theatrical workshops for kids […]

Act, Sing & Dance this summer

Would you like to act, sing & dance this Summer away? Well look no further as Dramacube are offering a wide variety of holiday workshops for 4-6 & 7-14yr olds. […]

Movie-Making Holiday Workshops for Kids

This summer, Dramacube will be running Movie-Making Holiday Workshops for kids in Hampton Hill and York.  To celebrate this news and Father’s Day, let’s take a look at memorable father […]


Dramacube provides performing arts classes, drama workshops and productions for students aged 4-18yrs in the Richmond borough. In York we offer movie-making classes.

Dramacube was founded in May 2012, offering musical theatre classes and workshops for children aged 4+.  Over the past nine years we have evolved and expanded, now producing full-scale musical shows as well as providing performing arts classes in Hampton Hill and Twickenham and movie-making classes in York.

musical theatre performance show

Our goal is for children to have fun whilst growing in confidence, improving their social skills and developing as young performers.

For younger children we make the gentle transition from play to improvisation as they explore stories through drama, movement and music and share their adventure in a short presentation to parents on the final day of term.

Our older class offers students a platform to learn and improve on their performance technique in a supportive environment, combining acting & improvisation, singing and dance.  For those who are less enthusiastic about singing, our movie-making classes provide an exciting platform for talented young film-makers.

Dramacube teachers

We work with a professional team of performing arts teachers, directors, musical directors and film-makers who are dedicated to helping children develop.

We welcome all children regardless of experience and offer two-week trial sessions to ensure parents can be certain that Dramacube is the right creative environment for their child to thrive.

“I just wanted to thank you and the whole Dramacube team for such an amazing production of Fame Jr. My family and I were truly blown away with what you all achieved with this show.”

Sheena Buckley, Parent

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