Initial Sketch for ‘Alice’

Our set designer Sally Somerville-Woodiwis has been busy doing the technical drawings for the Alice in Wonderland design over the weekend.

Here is her initial sketch which will be her starting point as she develops the drawings.

Watch this space for the full design.

Dramacube Student Performs at the O2!

This week we caught up with Dramacube Actor Lily Bernard who performed at the O2 Arena on Tuesday at the Young Voices Concert.

Lily, congratulations on an amazing performance on Tuesday. What was it like performing at the O2?

It was so much fun! It was cool that we were high up in the arena so I got a great view of the audience. I couldn’t believe how big it was!

Can you tell us how you prepared for the concert?

I attend my school choir every Tuesday morning before school. We were given all of the song lyrics to learn and even practiced alongside some of the artists that performed via a video link!

Can you tell us about some of the artists who performed with the Young Voices choir?

  • Natalie Williams is a Soul/Jazz singer/songwriter.
  • The Magnets are a vocal harmony group which includes one who does beatboxing!
  • Alfie Sheard is an up and coming singer who also plays the guitar.
  • Urban Strides Who are Street Dance specialists.

There must have been over 7000 people in the audience. What was it like performing to such a big crowd?

It was amazing to perform in front of that many people! I thought I would be nervous, but once the show started I was so excited!

Can you tell us a little more about Young Voices and how you got involved?

Young Voices inspires children to discover their love for music. This year over 3000 schools signed up to take part in the largest children’s choir concert series in the world!

Can you offer any hints or tips to your fellow Dramacube actors about performing at such a huge venue?

Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges as I found mine so exciting and I would love to do it again.

We’d like to thank Lily for sharing her experience with us and wish her the very best of luck with her forthcoming production of Alice in Wonderland.

Annie JR. Productions Photos

We are delighted to confirm that the Annie JR. production photos are now available to view and order.

Hampton Hill & Sunbury Cast

Richmond & Kingston Cast

Twickenham & Teddington Cast

To order production photos please email with the file names of the photos you would like.

The photographer will contact you by email to confirm the order.

Photos are priced at £4.00.  Once the order is confirmed the photographer will email you a high resolution digital copy of the photo with the water mark removed.  There is no limitation on how many times you print/copy the image.



‘Alice’ Tickets Now Available!

We are delighted to confirm that tickets for our forthcoming production of Alice in Wonderland are now available to order.

The show runs from Thursday 22nd March – Saturday 24th March at the Watermans Art Centre in Brentford with eight performances in total from all four casts.

Thursday 22nd March; 

5.30pm Twickenham & Teddington (GREEN) Cast

7.30pm Twickenham & Teddington (BLUE) Cast

Friday 23rd March;

5.30pm Hampton Hill & Sunbury Cast

7.30pm Richmond & Kingston Cast

Saturday 24th March; 

1.00pm Richmond & Kingston Cast

3.30pm Hampton Hill & Sunbury Cast

6.00pm Twickenham & Teddington (BLUE) Cast

8.30pm Twickenham & Teddington (GREEN) Cast

Tickets can be booked via our website.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

‘Alice’ roles

Watermans Arts Centre

Dramacube at West London’s leading Arts Centre! 

I am delighted to confirm that our next production Disney’s Alice in Wonderland JR, will be performed at West London’s leading Arts Centre, the Watermans.

The Watermans is a vibrant professional theatre with an excellent 238 seat auditorium, impressive high-tech lighting and sound facilities and a large back stage area, ideal for large-cast musicals.

The venue also boasts a cinema, high quality restaurant, bar and snack bar with riverside views.

Having worked at the Watermans on numerous occasions as a professional actor, being back at this wonderful theatre has a special meaning for me, and I know our young casts will benefit hugely from the experience.

Our production of Alice in Wonderland will be staged at the theatre week commencing Sunday 18th March with the final performance on Saturday 24th March (one week before Easter).

I look forward to seeing you all at the theatre next March.

Steve Leslie, Artistic Director


Halloween Fun at Dramacube

Students at Dramacube celebrated Halloween in style with a musical theatre performance centred around a ghost story in Scarborough.

With a wonderful mix of haunting songs, creepy story telling and fun movement set to the Michael Jackson classic hit Thriller, the audience was both entertained and scared at Hampton Hill Theatre on Friday afternoon.

Prizes including; Dramacube T-shirts, Gift Vouchers from Fiesta Party Store in Twickenham and lots of sweets were shared among six lucky winners for the best costume.

Our next holiday workshop will take place during the Easter holidays in 2018.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Richmond Theatre Give Away!!!

Having teamed up with Richmond Theatre, we are delighted to have 4 tickets to give away for “As you Like It” on Monday 6th Nov.
For a chance to win these tickets, all you have to do is Like & follow us on Facebook with a comment  “RichmondTheatreGiveaway” or retweet on Twitter  adding the same comment #RichmondTheatreGiveaway. Winner will be announced this Sunday 5th by midday 

Final Costume Designs

In this post costume designer Akshy Marayen has shared the above costume designs for some of the play’s supporting characters.

For the Apple Seller, Bundles, Chauffeur, Dog Catcher, LT Ward, Policeman and Usherette I researched 1930s work-wear uniforms and then considered how I could convey these job roles through costumes that maintain a consistent 1930s aesthetic.

The cast will start to work with their new costumes at our first dress rehearsal.

More Annie JR. Costume Designs!

We caught up with costume designer Akshy Marayen again this week, who shared a few more ideas with us.

Rooster is a con artist whose girlfriend Lily St. Regis serves as his accomplice. As a couple they are both vain and greedy which is reflected in their costumes.

Despite their lack of money, they enjoy looking fashionable and the attention it brings; in order to fund this lifestyle, they are willing to source money through dishonest means.  I was keen to make their costumes seem almost like a caricature of fashion and glamour in the 1930s.

I hoped to convey a similar idea when designing Miss Hannigan’s costume. I feel that Miss Hannigan uses clothes and jewellery as a method of escape from her own life. She adores to dress up in her own ideas of glamour, but often comes across as a clumsy attempt at such. This is why I wanted her costume to be slightly mismatched, with many different clashing colours.